WordPress Duplicator Plugin – Backup WordPress Site & Move to New Host

Sometimes we need to migrate our website from one hosting to another hosting. However, it is not always easy for us to transfer our website with all the necessary files and database. But, if you have a wordpress website then this migration process is very easy with WordPress Duplicator Plugin.

There is a lot of migration system for wordpress website. You have many choices to make. However, in this article, I am going to show you the easiest and safest one.

In this guide, we are going to use WordPress Duplicator Plugin to migrate a website. This plugin has many uses. You can use this wordpress duplicator plugin to:

  • Migrate locally developed WordPress website to live server.
  • Migrate a wordpress website from one hosting server to another.
  • Clone your live server WordPress website on your local desktop server.

In this article, we are going to migrate a website using wordpress duplicator. I am going to use my website here to give you a real example so that it becomes clear to you.

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WordPress Duplicator Plugin Overview

The problems you face when moving a WordPress site are database import and export errors, file path errors, permission errors, and a whole host of other potential roadblocks. It also takes a lot of time to set up a wordpress website from scratch including plugins and make sure everything is working correctly on the new server. It does get easier to move websites once you have done a few but it is a task that requires your full concentration and a few hours of your time.

This is where the wordpress Duplicator plugin comes into play. Rather than facing all those problems, we can do this job very easily using wordpress duplicator.

You don’t have to worry about backing up your database, images, plugins, and moving them all separately – WordPress Duplicator takes care of all this for you. Best of all, this plugin is free!


Do You Need a WordPress Backup Plugin?

As a WordPress user, it’s critical for you to back up your WordPress files and databases regularly to a secure location. In case data loss happens due to an accident, malicious attack, or other catastrophes, making regular backups can be a lifesaver.

That way, you can easily restore your files and databases, even if your entire website gets corrupted, hacked, or erased.

A good WordPress backup plugin allows you to easily backup and restores your complete WordPress website. It should also enable you to send your backup files to a remote location for higher security.


How to Use WordPress Duplicator Plugin

If you know the basic guide to move WordPress, you would know that there are few basic steps required:

  • Move files (WP-content folder, WP-config, .htaccess, robots.txt) from old hosting to new hosting
  • Move Database from old hosting to new hosting
  • Change Nameserver of a domain from old hosting to new hosting

We will complete all those steps very easily using wordpress duplicator. We will go to this process gradually with a real example. First, we will install this plugin.


1. Install WordPress Duplicator Plugin

First, go to your wordpress dashboard. Hover over “Plugins” in the sidebar then click on “Add New”. It will take you to the plugin list.

wordpress plugins


Now type “WordPress duplicator” in the search bar. You will find the required plugin in the first position with 1+ Million Active Installations and 1800+ review. It is 5 stars rated wordpress plugin.

install wordpress duplicator plugin


Now click on “Install Now” button. It will start installing in your wordpress. After installing you will see the “Activate” button at the same place, don’t forget to activate the plugin by clicking that button. With this installation, the process is complete.


2. Create Website Package

After installing this plugin, you will see an option “Duplicator” in your sidebar. Click on that, it will open a page where we have to create our website backup or package.

open duplicator settings and create package


As we have installed it for the first time, you will find this page empty. Now we are going to create our own package here. There is a button “Create New”. Click that button

We have to follow 3 steps to create our package. These are:

  • Package Setup
  • System Scan
  • Build Package


Step 1: Package Setup

After clicking on “Create New” button, you will come to this setup page. Here you can give a name for your package. When we will download this package in our computer then you can easily find out that file for this name.

package setup of wordpress duplicator

You will get a default name in this option. However, I will suggest you give your own name according to your website. This will help you. I am giving the name “Tech World” for my package. Then click on “Next”.


Step 2: System Scan

Here this wordpress duplicator plugin will scan our website. Then it will show the scan result. You can see your website file size and database size here.

system scan of wordpress duplicator


It will give an overview of our website. I believe everything is all right. You can rescan your site by clicking the Rescan button. Then you can click on the “Build” button.


Step 3: Build Package

This is the last step to create your package. After clicking on that button, the package building process will start. This may take some time. Time depends on the size of your website. If your website is large then it will take some time.

building packages


After completing this process, it will redirect you to another page. There you will see a message Package Completed. There are two buttons “Installer” and “Archive”.

download package from wordpress duplicator


You have to click on those buttons to download two files. Download these two files on your computer. Now we will upload these files in our new hosting.


3. Upload Files to New Hosting

It is time to upload files to our new hosting. Go to the new hosting Cpanel and click on “File Manager”. If you don’t find that then type file manager at the top search bar.

cpanel file manager


Here you will find a folder “public_html”, click on that and open the folder. There is no file in this folder because this is our new web hosting. We have to upload our files inside this folder.

go to public_html


You will see a button “Upload”, click and upload those two files here. You can also do this using FireFTP


4. Create Database and Username

Now we will create a database and user for this new web hosting. This is a very easy process. First, go to home of your cpanel and search for MySQL database. You will find a link “MySQL Databases”.

go to mysql database


Go to the link, here you will see section Create New Database. You have to give the database name. Give a unique name related to your website. Here I am giving “testDatabase” for example. Then click on the “Create Database” button.

create new database


On the same page, there is a section Add New User. Here give a unique username and password. You can generate your password by clicking on “Password Generator” button.

create new username


Give a strong password and confirm the password. Don’t forget to save the username and password in another text file. Because we will need those in our later part. Finally, click on “Create User”.

Note: You need to save the database name and username with the prefix. For example, I have given testDatabase for my database name. However, there is a prefix “worltqmk_”. So my database name is “worltqmk_testDatabase”. Same for username.

Our final step is to connect this new user with the new database. On the same page, there is a section Add User To Database. Here choose the user and database that you have created right now. Then click “Add” button.

add user to database


5. Running WordPress Duplicator Installer

Congratulations, you are doing great. We are in our final section of this tutorial. Now, we are going to run “installer.php” file. Open your browser and type your domain name like this “yourdomain.com/installer.php

In my case, I will type “http://worldtechis.com/installer.php”. It will open a wordpress duplicator page in your browser. You have to check terms and conditions then press “Next”. It will take some time because duplicator plugin will extract and set up all the files in your hosting.

run installer wordpress Duplicator plugin


Next, we will install a database. Now we will need database and username information here. I will suggest you select localhost in the section “Host”.

Give your database name, Username, and password in this form. I am giving my information. Then click on “Test Database”. It will show you a success message. Now click on “Next”.

install database


In the update data section, you can change your wordpress username and password in “Options” section if you want. If you don’t want to change those then click on “Next”.

update data wordpress duplicator


In this final step, you have to log in to your wrodpress website. Click on “Site Login” button. This will open your wordpress login page. Give your wordpress username and password.

wordpress Duplicator plugin site login


After login to your wordpress dashboard, you will see a success message that site has been successfully migrated. Now you have to remove the installation files. Click on “Remove Installation Files Now!” link. This will delete all those files.

wordpress Duplicator plugin remove_install_files

Congratulations! You have successfully moved your website to a new server.



Moving a website from one server to another server is a little complicated process for every beginner. After using wordpress duplicator plugin, this process becomes very easy and safe.

Most important thing is you do not need any money. This is completely free. This is the easiest process for migration. You will only get this feature if you are using wordpress. There are many benefits of using wordpress. You can read this “Why wordpress is best for any website” for more details.

Let me know how was your experience with wordpress duplicator plugin to move your website. On the other hand, did I miss anything to discuss here? You can comment below if you have anything to ask. I will look forward to your opinion in the comments section below.


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