How to Make Money Online As a Web Programmer At Home | 7 Proven Ways

Everyone who wants to learn to program has this question in mind that how to make money online as a web programmer. 10 years ago, 18% of the world’s total population was using the internet in their life. Within 10 years this number has become more than 50%.

So, you can guess about the impact of the internet in the world. Internet is the key. There are a lot of money to be made.

In this article, I will introduce you with the 7 proven ways to make money online with your computer and programming knowledge as a web developer without any sort of college degree. Let’s dive right in.

Make Money Online as a Web Programmer

Many people think that a job is the only way or the best way to earn a decent amount of money. Therefore, they get a 9 to 5 job and become frustrated working for others. Eventually, started to hate their life.

If you are someone like them want to quit your job and want to live your dreamed life then I would suggest you read this article till the end and make a note of things that you can do with your life. This is going to be interesting.

Before going to the main topic, I want to request you not to skip any part because at the end I will show how you can combine all of them and create a combination to multiply your income.

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So, the first way to make money online as a web programmer is none other than creating your business.

Yes, you heard me right. This is not impossible creating your own business as a programmer.

Creating Business

As a developer, you can build software or web applications to solve any problem. If it is helpful for other people, they will pay you for your application and services. You can charge the fee to your user.

It is all about creating your own products and business that will help you to earn a good amount of money. You can be your own boss and live your dreamed life with your family and friend.

I am not saying it is a too damn easy task. You have to work hard. You have to have that courage inside you. A good idea with proper planning and implementation can make a difference.

I am not here to teach you about business and how you could become a business person. All I wanted to show you that yes, it is possible with programming knowledge.


Blogging is a great source of making money. This could be a passive income source. It is very easy to create a website nowadays using different platforms and CMS like WordPress. As you are a web programmer, you already have all this knowledge.

Therefore, you can set up your website and start publishing tutorials and articles. Gradually, the number of visitors on your website will increase and you can generate money by adding Google ads.

There are many other ways to generate money from a website like affiliate marketing, guest posting, etc.

You can easily share your knowledge and experience through your content on the website. This could help you by creating your personal brand. You are able to give tips and tricks about programming.

In this way, people will know about you as a developer and this will create your portfolio.


how to become a freelancer

As a developer, you could easily offer your services to other people. You can provide your service though online without leaving your home. This is called freelancing.

There is a huge demand for freelancers who work online. Many websites are available out there where you can find online projects like Upwork, freelancer, fiver.

I will know more about different freelance websites in our article – World’s10 Best Freelance Websites.

On these websites, people come to hire freelancers for their projects. They describe jobs with their requirements. If you fit in according to the requirements then you will send a request to them.

They will talk to you and choose you for the job if they like. You will get paid when you complete the job.

Here you have the freedom to work whenever you want. There are also options to select which project you want to work on. As you get experienced working on those websites, your demand and value both will increase. Therefore, you can charge more money for each project.

Becoming an instructor

Another good way to make money is becoming an instructor. You can do this through online or in any institution. You can teach other people how to code in exchange of money.

It is also possible to have your own training institution. This is great business model for a developer. There are many online training institutions out there which are making large amount money through this business. Institution like Skillshare, Skillcrush, Udacity, Devmountain etc.

They arrange code camp programs for students. Lot of developers are working on these types of institutions. I guess now you can imagine the possible opportunities that you have.

Running YouTube channel

I guess you already know about YouTube. You will find all sorts of videos on this platform. You can begin your journey as a content creator there.

Nowadays YouTube is one of the most content creating platform in the world as people are likely to watch videos more than reading text content.

Number of YouTube users are rising every single day. Therefore, this might be the best time to start a YouTube channel.

You can earn money using a YouTube with many different ways. Like advertisement (you can add Google ads), affiliate marketing, sponsorship.

As a developer, you can easily start a channel for teaching people how to code. You will guide others into the right direction. You can upload videos from basic to advanced tutorials.

Your consistency on this platform could bring you success and good amount of money.

Creating video courses

If you don’t want to publish your videos on YouTube then you have another option in your hand. That is, you can easily sell your videos as an online course. Website like Udemy offers this opportunity.

You can join and sell your video courses there. There are many different categories and sub-categories to work on Development, Business, IT and Software, Personal development, Design lot of them.

In development category, website development, mobile application, software, game development, tools, database many other sub-categories are available. You can pick up any topic from here and create courses about.

These courses are being sold thousand and thousand times. Therefore, you can imagine how much you could get paid by selling courses.

Selling E-books

Not only video courses, people are likely to pay money for e-books with necessary information. Demand of e-book is good because people can easily read them on their phone anytime, anywhere they want. This is the main advantage of having an e-book.

There are hundreds of websites to sell e-books online. If you search on Google “Best websites to sell e-books online”, you will see the result.

I have discussed many ways that you can use to make money. But I personally like to use some of them combinedly make a combination.

Combination of Different Sources

You could start a YouTube channel and a website. These two works together amazingly. When you publish good quality content on your channel and website and add value to other people then you can take it to the next level.

You can easily sell your courses and e-books though your channel and website. Because now know about you they trust you. You can reach your voice to many people those who are interested to your content for long time. They will pay you money and buy from you.

Eventually, this will aid you to create your business or advertise your business in future. You need to create these sorts of combinations to multiply your income.


In this tutorial, we have discussed about how you can make money online as a web programmer. We hope this article helped you learn about it.

You can share your feelings with us how effective this article was for you. If you need any assistance with this tutorial, leave a comment below and I will try to help you out.

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