15 Amazing Reasons to Become a Freelancer Today in 2019

A large number of people think that “freelancing” is something you do when you can not get a real job. Many people want to be a freelancer but still trying to find out reasons to become a freelancer. For you, I have listed some amazing benefits of freelancing.

But before we dive into each one of these promised advantages, let’s take a look at the current state of freelancing.

  • 55 million people are doing freelance work in the U.S. – that’s 35% of the workforce.
  • 4 million Freelancers work across all sectors in the UK – a 15% growth over the past decade.
  • Moreover, in Europe, the number of freelancers increased by 43% from just under 6.3 million to 8.9 million in 2013.

As you can see, freelancing is on the rise across Europe and the U.S. and is expected to continue rising over the next few years. Consequently, freelancing is more respected now than it was two years ago.

As a freelancer, you’re no longer working to fit into a company culture that might put you under physical, mental and emotional stress.

Most important thing is you have the unlimited number of ways to start as a freelancer. There are many freelance websites/marketplaces to earn money fast.

You can work in Website design and development, Graphic design, Logo design, Data entry, Translation, Software development, Internet marketing, SEO, WordPress, Article writing, Photoshop, Social media marketing, Mobile app development and many more. Now you can imagine work opportunities in this field.

According to the Freelancers Union, 55 million Americans–35% of the workforce–have freelance careers, with a combined estimated earning of $1 trillion a year.


15 Amazing Reasons to Become a Freelancer


1. You can adjust your own work schedule.

There is no fix time limit to work as a freelancer. This is one of the main reason why people are getting interested in freelancing. You can work any time you want.

There’s no 9 to 5 unless you want there to be. If you feel most productive between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., you can work then. If your clients want you to be there 9 to 5, you can always excuse periods of absence and manage them.

When you start making money by working on your own, you’ll be able to take vacations whenever you want to. That’s yet another one of the great advantages of self-employment.

Moreover, if you are fed up with your fixed time job then you really should start working on your own for this specific reason.


2. You can work from anywhere.

We have discussed the flexibility of your working time. You would be happy knowing that there is no fixed place to work as a freelancer. You can work from anywhere in the world.

These days, technology allows us to work from pretty much anywhere. Working from home is an ideal solution for balancing work and family or private life. You can successfully make for a living and support yourself and your family.

Two-thirds of freelancers agree that freelancing provides the opportunity to work from anywhere, and more than one-third have been able to move thanks to the flexibility freelancing provides. Freelancing in America 2015 Survey

However, being a freelancer allows you to skip the morning traffic and work in any location that you want, with many jobs requiring just a laptop and an internet connection.


3. Learning through work

Do not think about work like at a company where you work 20 years the same thing, you will change jobs and employers on a weekly basis, and many more will learn what will be useful for future jobs.

Every time you can work with new clients. It means you will face different kinds of problems to solve. This will help you to learn new things from every project.

You will learn every single day and this will make you experienced in your working field. It is a great way to learn more.

If you are interested to learn new and take challenges then I will highly suggest you start from today.


4. Starting new projects whenever you want.

At a regular job, you do what you’re told to do and can never choose a project when you think you’re the perfect fit to get it done, or when you feel like.

In freelancing, you are not accountable to anyone. You can take up your project whenever you like. Sometime you may feel that the project you are working on is not suitable for you or you are not willing to go with this. In this case, you can get rid of that project very easily.

However, if you work in any company as a regular employee, it is not possible. You have work on the task that is given to you.

With self-employment, however, you can take up all the projects you have the energy for, stop working on current ones, work on many things at once if you’re still being productive, and rejecting new clients if you feel like you won’t enjoy working for them.


5. Be your own boss

The most common reason for starting out as a freelancer or entrepreneur is the ability to be your own boss. You no longer have to answer to anyone but your clients and yourself. You can choose your client so it becomes easy to handle a client.

Working for a bad boss can have a number of negative effects, such as depression, sleep problems, high blood pressure, and weight issues.

If you’re a freelancer and have a client who’s a real pain, you can always drop the person. They can avoid all the stress that comes from working for someone difficult. Freelancers are essentially their own bosses.


6. Choose the projects you want to work on

Choosing which projects you want to work on is a big plus. If you enjoy working on your projects, then you’re going to be more motivated.

Employees have to work on projects their boss assigns them. Freelancers and entrepreneurs choose their own projects based on their expertise and passion.

Most of the jobholders are not satisfied with their jobs because they can not work according to their passion. This is not going to happen if you are a freelancer. You have full control in your work.

You will pick up your work field according to your interest. You can choose different types of projects. This will help you not to get bored with your work. The majority of your time should involve doing the things you love.


7. You can pick your clients

When you’re a freelancer, you can choose with whom you work. But, when you work for someone else, you don’t get a choice of who you work with. You can become stuck with unprofessional or rude clients.

If you don’t fit well with a client’s business or personality or payment, you can pass on the opportunity and wish them the best. It’s as easy as that.

Freelancers don’t have to work with people who annoy them. They’re free to choose the people with whom they work.


8. Flexibility to control your earnings

As a freelancer, you have the ability to negotiate a price with your client, raising and lowering prices as you see fit. You may charge clients the exact amount you feel you deserve for your services.

If your rates are deemed too expensive, and clients try to barter you down, then you can politely tell them no. Other people value your work and will pay your rates.

When working as an employee for a company, you usually have little say in the amount you are paid. Often, if you’re asking for a salary rise you have your current job performance subjected to a review.

The majority of freelancers (65%) who left a traditional job earn more freelancing. So if you want to start as a programmer then choose the best programming language today.


9. Performing multiple tasks at the same time

Who has more chance to survive economic shocks: a big company engaged in one activity or an entrepreneur who knows how to do five things at once? Freelancers are themselves in their work.

That speaks to that they constantly further educate, constantly wide network of contacts and work hard at acquiring new skills that can make them more competitive in the work they are dealing with. Happy days practicing one service or product are long over.


10. Take a break when you want

If you work more time, you will earn more. However, it does not mean that you have to work all the time. We already know that as a freelancer you have full control in your earning.

You can take a break whenever you want. If you feel that, your earning is enough or you are getting bored then you are free to take a break. You don’t need any one’s permission. There are no set rules.


11. Several sources of income

You’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

This is good advice for freelancers.

If you build a portfolio of clients, then you are not financially dependent on one source.

If one client suddenly pulls the plug, then you have a few others to keep you ticking over while you find a replacement.


12. Job security

No one can fire you when you’re the boss. Sure, freelancing has its ups and downs, but—as long as you keep at it—in the long run, you’ll have complete control over your future and your earnings.

As an employee, you can easily get fired from your job. As a freelancer, you have many clients to work with. If you lost one then you have others. Therefore, your earning will not stop.

In modern time, jobs for freelancers are increasing day by day. Therefore, in future demand of freelancers are also going to increase.


13. You’ll Gain Confidence

When you freelance, you only have yourself to rely on. You’ll go to meetings on your own, you’ll carry out work without any input from anyone else and you’ll manage projects from start to finish. With so much responsibility, your confidence will soar.

The world is different when you’re the boss. People see you differently and treat you differently. In addition, you’ll handle client relations, sales, meetings, etc. by yourself.

Therefore, your confidence increases in leaps and bounds when you’re a freelancer.


14. Build up your communication skill

Communication skills don’t just mean that you are proficient in spoken or written English. Having good communication skills means how well you talk to the client overall and how well you are able to understand him.

As you will work with many people from different countries, you will learn how to contact and talk with them. At the very beginning, it would be little difficult for you. However, after some days it will become very easy.

It is a great way to increase the communication skill. In the future, it is going to help you to grow your confidence as well as your experience.


15. Start your own business

If you are working as a freelancer then you definitely have a set of skills. You can use them to start a business related to those skills.

To run a business most important thing is “Client”. To whom you will sell your services or products. You already have many clients that you are working with. Therefore, you can try to connect them to your business.

When you will get a good amount of clients then build a good working relationship with them. You are working with clients for a long time. Therefore, you already know how to handle and communicate with clients.

You can expand your business day by day. Hire some good people for your company use their talent. Now you become the owner and boss of a company. Very cool!!!



So are you still deciding if working freelance might be the very thing you need to inspire you again to work for yourself? Freelancing is a fast and affordable way to get started working as your own boss from home.

Making the decision to become a freelancer can be a life-changing one, and as such, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. You just have to decide if you’re willing to take the risk that almost always accompanies it.

Freelancing means professional freedom, but it also means instability and the risk of failure. It won’t be for everyone. Some people will prefer to stick with their traditional 9-5 job.

However, if you want to take full control over your future with the Freedom, Flexibility and Financial Independence that freelancing offers, then now is a good time to start.

Now if you want to start your freelancing career as a full stack developer then I have a complete guideline for you “How to become a full stack developer”. I really hope this will help you on your journey.


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